It’s been a big few weeks on Neighbours. Madge has come back from the dead (sorta), Nina’s back again and there was a Born To Try montage.

Not to mention the wedding/ not wedding storyline, the crisis over at the Turner household and the imminent threat of whatever is going on in that well.


1. Fake Ramsay Street

Ramsay Street isn’t a street at all! The outdoor Ramsay Street scenes are shot in Pin Oak Court Vermont South.

2. Worldwide appeal

Neighbours has screened in over 50 countries, including Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Kenya, Canada and the US. And now Neighbours is streaming online through Hulu!

3. Record-breaking

Neighbours in Australia’s longest running television series. Neighbours originally aired on Channel Seven in 1985. On the 18th of March 2015, which is the official birthday, the 7,083rd episode will air.

4. First scene

The first ever scene of Neighbours was a dream sequence… Have a look – it’s a bit weird!

5. Royal Wedding

Scott and Charlene’s wedding was Australia’s version of the Royal Wedding, and achieved the highest ratings of that time. However in the UK this episode hit the top of the scales at 19.4 million viewers!

6. Oldest character

Stefan Dennis (resident shonkster) is the only current cast member who appeared in the first season that is still on the show now.

7. Most episodes

While Stefan Dennis is the longest serving resident, he has however yet to beat out Anne Haddy (Helen Daniels) for most episodes! Dennis currently has 2,755 episodes under his belt, whereas Haddy has 2,965.

8. Brennan On The Run

When Mark Brennan originally left the show (before he returned and won our hearts all over again) Neighbours released an online spin off called Brennan on the Run.

9. Inactive Twitter accounts

It looks like Neighbours’ producers or superfans developed Twitter pages for some of their characters, but there doesn’t seem to be any posts lately…

10. Neighbours Spin-off?!

There could have been a spin-off of Neighbours! It was called In Cheryl’s Arms and it was based on Cheryl Stark! Unfortunately, it never made it past the pilot stage.

11. Neighbours tunes

For $1.69 (AU) you can have a little bit of Neighbours on your playlist! Georgia released a song, ‘Letting You Know’ (which is actually performed by Saskia Hampele) and is available on iTunes!

12. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, who is currently carving out a place for herself in Hollywood, played Donna Freedman. She started on Neighbours in 2008 and we first met Donna because she was Ty Harper groupie.

13. Teen Mom

Can someone let MTV know about Ramsay Street? There have been several candidates for ‘Teen Mom’ on Neighbours including Phoebe Bright, Skye Mangel and Bridget Parker.

14. Dual-roles

Ryan Moloney (who plays Toadie) originally played another minor character called Cyborg who was a vandal.

15. Back from the dead

Madge has “come back from the dead” for the 30th Anniversary of Neighbours (in Harold’s mind anyway), but Harold actually did “come back from the dead” when in the 1990’s his character was sweep out to sea and presumed dead, but returned five years later!

It really has been the most wonderful and sometimes strange time over the last 30 years – hasn’t it!

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