Kate (Remued)

Kate has been a ‘Neighbours’ fan for literally longer than she can remember, even watching the first Channel 7 season. She reached peak ‘Neighbours’ at her wedding, where she walked down the aisle to Scott and Charlene’s iconic wedding song. Kate is an avid, some may say rabid ‘Neighbours’ tweeter, not even missing an episode while she birthed her child, baby Madge.

Personality Breakdown:

  • Sheila Canning 60%
  • Donna Freedman 25%
  • Nellyfish Rebecchi 15%

Catherine Jones (CJ)

CJ is the one with pink hair. She used to be a music reviewer, did a writing course in NYC and got married in Vegas (and live streamed it online). CJ is married to a Paul-type politico and they welcomed Baby Lou (a.k.a Angus) in April 2016. CJ runs her own marketing business from home (not from the Waterhole) because just like Aaron, she enjoys a #hashtag and because unlike Aaron, exotic dancing isn’t her thing.

Personality Breakdown:

  • Cheryl Stark 28%
  • Sky Mangel 39%
  • Aaron Downthemines 33%

Penny Tangey

Penny Tangey is an author who writes humorous books for young people. Her most recent book Stay Well Soon was shortlisted for the New South Wales and Western Australian Premier’s awards and the Readings Children’s Book Prize. While at university she performed stand-up comedy including in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Penny also works at Melbourne Museum so she can visit Phar Lap at lunchtime.

Personality Breakdown:

  • Susan Kennedy 50%
  • Immy Willis 25%
  • Toadie’s Frizzy Hair 25%

Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith is a comic and actor from Melbourne. He is 1/3 of brekky radio show The Tag Team on Joy 94.9, producer at The Project and former Neighbours starlet. His proudest moment to date is being a witness to the deathbed wedding of Carmella and Marco in the only room at Erinsborough Hospital in 2008.

Personality Breakdown:

  • Helen Daniels 30%
  • Gino Esposito 55%
  • Angie Rebecchi 15%

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