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Vaya Pashos


Vaya is a Melbourne TV writer with a background in radio and comedy and a dark past as a ‘Neighbours’ extra. Her ‘Neighbours’ golden era kicked off with the introduction of the Kennedys in the ‘90s and waned around the time Toadie lost his mullet. Vaya has been live-tweeting the soap since 2009 and her mission in life is to get through an entire episode without having to suspend disbelief.

Personality Breakdown:

  • Terage Willis 80%
  • Nina Tucker 16%
  • Hannah Martin 4%

By Vaya

Every Crackpot Dee Theory Ever

We here at the PirateNet Studios decided to save you the trouble of sifting through all the Fake News put forward by Johnny-Come-Lately ‘Neighbours’ viewers and provide you with a definitive list of every crackpot Dee theory ever.


It’s Logies* voting time and we have released the official Neighbuzz endorsements for the year. All we need you to do is vote! We appreciate that there are multiple Neighbours candidates for each category but we don’t want to confuse the message here. So...