In a Buzz Off vlog, CJ, Kate and Vaya retrace the last known moments of Dee!


Campbell’s Cove, also apparently a nudist beach!

Dee Rebecchi’s (née Bliss) death was one of the most iconic scenes in Neighbours history. It didn’t matter that the feasibility of Toadie being able to catapult a VC Commodore into deep ocean waters was somewhat shaky; Dee’s demise was killer TV (pun intended). Even though Dee’s body was never found, it was generally accepted that she was long and truly gone (otherwise Toadie marrying Sonya would have been bigamy).

Cut to the tail end of the 2016 season of Neighbours and rumours were circulating that Madeleine West (AKA Dee) would be back. We put the call out on the pod for someone to help us pinpoint the location of her disappearance and what do you know it, Jez, (AKA @noaddedrubbish on Twitter) did!

Pod squad at Werribee Mansion

So the Neighbuzz Pod Squad OG (Vaya, Kate & CJ) packed a lunch and headed down to Werribee to visit some of the locations from Toadie and Dee’s wedding day and Dee’s untimely ‘death’.

Join us as we vlog a crime scene investigation in Werribee (AKA WhereisDee). We are just so pumped for Dee’s return and can’t wait to talk about every last detail on the podcast!

International tourists to Australia should definitely take a day trip to Werribee. Despite all the shade we threw at it, it’s a nice excursion.