HAPPY NEW YEAR! Vaya and CJ road-test the new PirateNet Studios and do a deep dive into Wednesday’s episode (January 10, 2018).

Baby Gigantor is kidnapped and an ex-cop, an ex-priest and an executive assistant head out to buy him back for $25K. Bargain! It’s Another Dark Day for Erinsborough Police when a constable returning to the job from bereavement leave is heading the missing child search as well as the HamRoast investigation. Oh and a MAIN CHARACTER GETS CHARGED WITH MANSLAUGHTER VIA GARDEN GNOME but that barely warrants any airtime.

Big news though is that paper fliers, posters and resumes have made a comeback to Erinsborough despite our tech-driven world. Facebook marketing is over – go and top up the ink in your Canon Pixma.

Thanks to Ben and Baby Madge for the voice memos – send us your thoughts on the show anytime!