Another Neighbours cast member joins us – this time for a bit of rough trade!

Kate, Vaya & Ash

Ash Williams, (Aaron’s exotic dancing ex, Rory) shares insight into Aaron’s guns, what his mum thought of The Kiss, and generally life as the best backtor Ramsay Street’s ever seen. Vaya and Kate puzzle over where Rory begins and Ash ends. It’s a real noodle-scratcher!

Workmates in ’08



Honestly though, forgetting that he’s essentially a live-action version of Disney’s Hercules, Ash is the salt of the earth. We used to be on the weekend announcer roster together at Nova in the late ’00s, and it was a joy. Back then I was a Neighbours extra, Ash was blond, and Rory was probably still talent-scouting for Rough Trade down the WA mines… Love this chat. – VP