In the 58th episode, special guest comedian Cal Wilson joins CJ, Kate and Vaya to cover the week of Jan 23, and Cal’s kittens Pirate and Barnacle take an immediate liking to the mobile PirateNet Studios…

Which storyline made Cal Wilson do this?

It’s Dee! Or is it? Well, it’s Dee because it’s Dee. And she remembers Karl Kennedy’s penchant for the guitar, and she’s noticed the renovations to the House of Trouser, and she really leaned into Toadie’s cuddle, but why can’t she remember Elly? Oh, that’s right, Elly is now played by a different person. So BACK OFF, DULLCOP.

Anyway, Neighbours brings back a beloved character thought to be lost at sea 13 years ago only to plant giant beanstalks of doubt all over the street that it’s even really her. Not on our watch! #TeamDee 5ever. You’d think Dee’s return to Toadie would be enough for a week of episodes but no, there was also room for a Ceramic Wombat. Because what better way to launch a backpackers’ hostel than on a public holiday with a baby wombat named after Shane Warne?

Cal chooses between #TeamDee and #TeamSonya based mainly on their fashion, but which team are you on? Make your statement via Neighbuzz merch, with artwork designed by our Kate!

Pirate the cat getting comfy in PirateNet.

Thanks to Gemma, Matthew, Paul, Sarah and Hayley for contributions to this episode.

Reading List:
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Stephen King – ‘Misery’
Clementine Ford – ‘Fight Like a Girl’