In the 59th episode, Nellyfish’s actual namesake, ‘Jellyfish’ (from Stage Door Podcast) joins CJ, Kate and Vaya to cover the week of Jan 30 in the PirateNet Studios for one heck of a DEEveal.

Jelly’s notes

Team Sonya is pitted against Team Dee, and friendships are on the line as poor Jelly is forced to defend Sonya at every turn. Plus everyone is so stressed about the Team Andrea/ Team Willow reveal that we barely notice that there is a woman pregnant with a priest’s baby. Listen to Jelly’s Podcast

The Ceramic Pig of the week manifests as an orange-flinging, mud-slinging, hose-pointing nanna fight, which almost soothes us. But the Pod Squad is rattled about whether or not Dee is Dee. Sure, it seems that Dee is a conniving vixen and very much NOT Dee, but we know that the story can’t be this simple… Are you a True Deeliever? Make sure you declare your allegiance with Neighbuzz Merch (artwork designed by Kate – you know back when everyone was comfortably #TeamDee #NoRegrets)

Pick a side!

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V. C. Andrews – ‘My Sweet Audrina’