In the 60th episode, Kate and Vaya cover the week of Feb 6 in the PirateNet Studios…

Jimmy and his great uncle Scott

We are still not buying that Dee is not really Dee (#trueDeeliever) and you can imagine our response to Sindi F*cking Watts turning up for a slice of Stately Bliss Manor… Thankfully the Canning-Kennedy feud is very much holding our interest with stunts a-plenty; we give the side-eye to Paige’s premature baby shower, and we celebrate Tyles landing a job at a venue that cannot legally admit his girlfriend.

Kate made the discovery while we were watching every set of Neighbours opening titles ever  that little Jimmy is a dead ringer for the OG Scott Robinson, Darius Perkins!

Thanks to @spiceyben and Ewan from Glasgow for contributions to this ep. CJ was away at Robinson’s this week but she filed a report with tips on how to keep visitors from discovering your secret daughter in a motel room: