In the 61st episode, Vaya and CJ are joined by an international guest: Kat from The Blaze – a  Beverly Hills 90210 podcast! We cover Valentine’s Day on Ramsay Street from the PirateNet Studios…

Kat, CJ, Vaya and Vaya’s Brandon Walsh doll

Los Angeles-born Kat has spent a lot of time in Australia but never watched Neighbours until this week, so we caught her up on thirty years of soap plot. Find out which Erinsborough resident Kat crows Citizen of the Week, which fellas she classifies as ‘hunks’ plus all of her Dee theories. This is also Ned’s last week as the character leaves to pursue his inky dreams in Queensland.  But just wait for the reaction to Kat meeting Vaya’s original TV boyfriend, Jason Priestley. *swoon* (Pictured here in doll form…)

Songs we mentioned in this ep:
Fickle Heart – Sinead Burgess
You’re Not My Ute – Kelly Hope
Various – Jasmine Rae