In the 62nd episode, Vaya is joined by writer/comedian Penny Tangey and her mum, former teacher Marilyn Tangey for a very holy episode in the PirateNet Studios.

We received a very thoughtful email from a listener named Clare, who expressed some feedback on the way Neighbuzz has been handling the Catholic chat on the podcast. So in the spirit of diversity, Vaya gets Penny (lapsed Catholic) and Penny’s mum Marilyn (actual Catholic) to weigh in on all the biz with Father Jack, Paige’s devil spawn, and the Bish. It’s a wonderful chat about spirituality, life in country Victoria and Neighbours, and we’re grateful to Clare for sparking this discussion. Email us your thoughts on any of our episodes – we’re all ears!

About Penny Tangey

In Dee news, Dee/FakeDee/RealDee/IDunnoAnymore messes with the wrong toy marsupial. Marilyn schools Ms Conway on how to handle delinquent students. And Penny swears a HECK of a lot in front of her mum on the Lord’s day!

Thanks to Clare, Ben, Kenny and Mary for contributions to this episode.

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