In the 65th episode, CJ, Kate and Vaya mourn Dee once more with the climax (in more ways than one) of the FakeDee storyline in London.

This is it. Toadie learns the truth that Dee Bliss is a vaudevillian grifter (to borrow the term from Neighbuzz friend Hunter Smith) named Andrea Somers, sent by Sindi F*cking Watts to score some sweet Bliss inheritance. And when that fell through, AnDEEa just straight up fleeced the Toad.

Patreon Patrons into the Pig!

Due to one hell of a crossed wire, or should we say – one NELL of a crossed wire, Toadie thinks Sonya has slept with DullCop, and how does he come to terms with that info? He hops into the sack with FakeDee and CAN’T TELL IT’S NOT REALLY HER. But wait, there’s more… Sonya WATCHES THE AFFAIR LIVE ON SKYPE. GAH! There are sporting matches that don’t get that kind of coverage. Then it all gets pretty hectic as Sonya miscarries the baby Plankton, but we get a bit of light relief as GazCan and Terage whip up a spag-bol.

Also in this episode, BBC reporter and friend of the podcast Ricky Boleto files a special report on the state of the Neighbours broadcast negotiations; shoutouts for our first crop of Patreon patrons; and a lingering de-brief of our Ned interview from Ep 64.

Thanks to Ricky, Liza, Hayley, and Ben for contributions to this episode, and Kate’s Baby Madge for mourning Dee with us in the featured image above.