Vaya Pashos is joined by The Fabulous™ Adam Richard and BF Kynan Barker in the PirateNet Studios to nut out the week of July 10 on Neighbours.

The Dee Imposter’s Daughter is back and up to mischief like bringing in the bins; Aarondownthemines and Mishti’s shed-gym is open for business and liability insurance claims; Terage begins chemo and we are worried and confused; plus Neighbours gets around to addressing GamerGate in a retro ripped-from-the-headlines-of-the-magazines-in-the-doctors-waiting-room kinda way… #theshedpowerhour

Adam also reminisces about DickCop’s time as a Sale of the Century model...

Lots of love to our listener ‘Tereese’ who’s going through a crap thing. You got this and we got you. x