In episode 80, Vaya along with comedy writers, Penny Tangey, and hosts of the podcast Internet Hate Machine, Chris Kennett and Bec Petraitis, cover the week of October 2 in the PirateNet studios…

The Wedding-of-the-Week is looming and Erinsborough is gearing up by trying to pluck crustaceans out of Lassiters Lake, which the council should definitely frown upon. We peer through the fence-hole at the latest crop of love triangles; Vaya joins Sonya in crushing on Jewish Sam; and Bec sums up GazCan and Terage’s entire relationship using only sounds.

Thanks to Sara for the analysis of Neighbours’ first Jewish character. Check out Sara’s satirical website for much joy:

And while you’re at it, read Penny’s humourous website: 
and subscribe to Chris and Bec’s podcast: Internet Hate Machine!