In the 52nd episode, Neighbuzz goes on a podcast exchange with Popchops! Vaya joins Dan and Andy from Joy 94.9 to cover the week of November 7 at the Eden Hills LGBTI society.

Vaya with Dan & Andy at the Joy studio

This week the Popchops podcast put out a #Neighbours special to chat about the five iconic women who stepped out of the cul-de-sac and onto the charts and Vaya joined in to fly the Neighbuzz flag. Then Dan and Andy took over Neighbuzz to discuss Fifi’s Box (jewellery box that is), Sonya giving out her eggs to all and sundry, the hotness factor of Erinsborough’s blokes, plus Angus’ single and video clip get the Popchops treatment. In a week of crushing US politics news, let’s all take a moment to let our feelings out with Toadie…

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By Kate

By Kate


Dan and Andy requested an infographic explaining how the most iconic Neighbours pop divas are connected to each other on the show. Here’s one that Kate whipped up!