In the 53rd episode, comedians Terri Psiakis and Michael Chamberlin join Vaya to cover the week of November 14 in the PirateNet Studios.

In a Neighbuzz milestone, we got mail from a Neighbours writer with key Rebecchi intel!

And it was a non-stop sex fest on Ramsay Street this week. There are bodily fluids flying every which way as Brenno makes deliveries too inappropriate for Uber Eats, Amy’s trying to Bible & Chill while GazCan gets it on with his ex, a soil survey provides #UnmissableDrama, plus Lou’s on Tinder.

Some supplementary material for this episode:
Chambo mentioned appearing in a short film called The Wake, with Pippa Black. Watch it here

Also, Chambo asked the innocent question, ‘how many times has Paul been married’? Here’s a diagram our Kate‘s been working on, to illustrate all the Paul connections.

Paul's Root Tree by Kate

Paul’s Root Tree by Kate