In the 56th episode, CJ, Kate and Vaya cover the 2017 premiere week in the PirateNet Studios…

PirateNet Studios

The pod squad details their road trip to Werribee to visit the site of Dee’s disappearance. Dee’s back by the way, but only in dream form. Obviously we weren’t going to get currendt-day-Dee right from the first episode but aye carumba did they give that flashback footage a workout!

In other storylines, nobody on Ramsay Street ships Pyles, but we are all very much team PaulRage (CJ almost needed a private moment); Kuze’s Blue Box gets a French flavour out in the living room with no regard for the fact that both Kennedy niece and grandson use that common area… Oh and the new opening titles sequence sends shockwaves around the globe.

Thanks to Sarage for her opening voice memo!