The PirateNet Studios break out of Melbourne Australia and hit the road in Hollywood, USA!
Ep 77 ‘Go Toadfish!’ is the first of four special episodes of Neighbuzz recorded in Los Angeles..

Vaya enjoys Gareth & April’s roleplay of Steph and Dan fighting over Adam.

Special guest comedians APRIL RICHARDSON from Saved by the Bell podcast ‘Go Bayside’ and GARETH REYNOLDS from American History podcast ‘The Dollop’ join Vaya to recap the Aussie soap ‘Neighbours’, covering episodes from Aug 31 to Sep 1, 2017.

Gareth and April are reunited with Toadfish after a 15-year break, but it’s another long-term character who wins them over; and some Brennan Brothers inherit a boat!

This is a dream episode. April and Gareth are two of the funniest humans on going around and their podcasts are next-level great. I landed in L.A. the day we recorded this and was a complete bundle of excitement.
I went to Disneyland the next day but this was my true Disneyland.

Thanks to Neighbuzz regular contributor @fatherbananas, for creating a new musical sting for Amy!