In the 78th episode, Vaya meets L.A.-based podcaster Erin Mallory Long in Hollywood to recap ‘Neighbours’ episodes from Sep 4-5, 2017.

Vaya tells Erin the sad tale of an attempt to buy Perfect Blend mugs from US Target…

Writer/producer ERIN MALLORY LONG co-hosts the ‘Best of Friends’ podcast, which makes her my kindred spirit, because I was quite possibly the biggest ‘Friends’ fan in Australia in the ’90s.

EML has never seen a minute of Neighbours but her motto is ‘I’ll watch literally anything’, and that’s the kind of attitude we appreciate here at Neighbuzz. Two eps and she’s hooked though, as Ramsay Street celebrates Father’s Day the only way a soap can; with a surprise dad!

It was a real thrill to meet Erin; and I kept forgetting we were podcasting – it felt like I was meeting a brand new friend for chats and hangs.