Sianoa Smit-McPhee, best known to the Neighbuzz fam as Bree Timmins on ‘Neighbours’ chats to Vaya Pashos and the mobile PirateNet Studio gets kicked out of rock’n’roll’s Rainbow bar in Los Angeles, USA!

We cover Sianoa’s leap from Erinsborough to Hollywood; the Bree storylines she influenced; and her music career – make sure you listen to her tunes!

I won’t lie when I say I was nervous to meet Sianoa. I didn’t think I would be cool enough for her – and I totally wasn’t! But that’s the beauty of Sianoa and the joy of L.A. – none of that stuff matters. Everyone is on their own journey and mine intersected for a brief moment with this gorgeous unicorn, who is grounded and focused in the City of Angels. (Plus I transformed from podcaster to rockstar and got us turfed out of Rainbow!) -V