Neighbuzz recorded its first live episode in front of a human audience! (Our audience is typically feline). Vaya popped over to London to look for Willow and on April 30 assembled the mobile PirateNet studio at the Rose & Crown Kentish Town (aka Mal Kennedy’s local pub).  UK friends of Neighbuzz guest host the ep to cover the week of  April 24, 2017 on Neighbours!

Guests in order of appearance: Richard Goodman (@Neighblog) from Leicester; Sarah Jones (@sarahcpjones) & Paul Dart (@paul2dart) from London; Rachel Ryan (@racheljryan) from Scotland; Hayley Charlesworth (@fatherbananas) from Manchester; Phil Chapman (@iamphilchapman) from Liverpool; and Sara Gibbs (@sara_rose_g) also from London.

We cover the introduction of the new Rebecchi family, Anzac Day, Millsy the aspiring evil principal, Lassiters’ dodgy day spa, and T-Bone, the bad backpacker of the week.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our first live gig happen. It was an utter delight to meet Neighbuzz listeners from across the globe and then spend hours in the pub afterwards spinning yarns and trying desperately to order a ‘pot of cider’ without getting it in a giant vat.  Special thanks to Sara Gibbs for co-producing, Kynan ‘KB’ Barker for front-of-house duties, Anita Crick for the gorgeous photos below, and Alison for baking Shitzen/Citizen of the Week biscuits.