We’ve still got Christmas chocolates in the pantry but Neighbours is already back for 2015! And there were a few standout moments from its first week that hit me right in the feels…


– Kyle having to call the cops on his own dad…

It was just a matter of time, really. Gary Canning’s only been in town a few weeks but he’s already become Paul Robinson’s hired goon. What are you meant to do when you find out your old man’s a hired goon? Naomi would order you to shut your trap, but really, you should turn him into the fuzz, as Kyle did. It was a tough call for the poor bloke to make – particularly without Siri to help him find the phone number.


– Double Solitaire!

This one really got me. So, Mark Brennan offered a sandwich and his spare room to ex-Junkie Erin, despite all kinds of alarm bells ringing. He means well but Mark’s having all kinds of trouble adjusting to having Ramsay Street’s resident stalker hanging out on his couch. So he calls Sonya over to keep Erin compamy while she plays solitaire and tries not to fall off the wagon. Sonya asks Erin, ‘is there a type of solitaire you can play with two people’? Erin responds: ‘Double Solitaire?’ And then she shuffles the cards so Sonya can play too. I mean, I think I’ve got something in my eye.


-Amber turning Dan down to find herself

This was a big moment. She did already break up with the guy last season, but she had to take another moment to hammer home that she has no room for a boyfriend when she doesn’t know what she wants out of life yet. This from the girl so easily led she moved into the back of a Falcon while trying to study for Year 12 exams, and then joined a cult! I’m proud of you, Ambs. Amb? Ambie? Amber doesn’t nickname well.


– Sorry, Mum.

It was a little tricky to feel sorry for Gary Canning after he admitted to Sheila that he was a hired goon and she reacted with a heart attack. But that moment where he wept at his mum’s side in hospital and begged for her forgiveness as she slept was a real gut-buster. Then, as he leaves the room, we see Sheila heard his apology and bursts into a round of sobs of her own… I mean, I need to do some dusting because there’s a whole bunch of stuff in my eye.


– Bailey and Amber offering Paige a share of the house because love.

I have half-siblings so it’s not that hard to tug at my heartstrings when it comes to watching half-siblings bonding on telly. The Turner kids (Bailey, Amber and the Darwin-based Mason) discover they own the family home because of a guilt-induced trust fund that came about when Nan revealed she gave away their baby sister. Oh, PS, Paige, you’re not on the deed on account of you’re just the recent bonus daughter. Cue Bailey and Amber taking only minutes to decide that Paige is their sister and has the right to a share of the house. Sassy teens putting family before a sweet, sweet payout? If that doesn’t melt an icy heart I don’t know what does.


Welcome back, Neighbours. It’s been an empty couple of weeks.


Original appeared on & image source: https://www.beamly.com/tv-film/5-gut-wrenching-moments-neighbours-2015-return