It’s been a while since we’ve had some actual, no-nonsense sexual tension on Neighbours between two hot-blooded singles, and it’s been on show all this week…


  1. Brennan jumps the fence

Detective-turned-Mechanic Brennan is doing some handyman duties and trying to focus on his hammering (and let’s allow that metaphor to sit for a moment) when his conspicuous tool interrupts Naomi as she tries to do her morning yoga next door. Having agreed last week to consider a purely physical relationship, Naomi challenges Brennan to attempt yoga and Brennan jumps the fence to learn a bit of half moon action on the Cannings’ lawn.


  1. Brennan comes over for a spa

Nobody’s beating around the bush any more. Naomi invites Brennan over for a spa to soothe his aching shoulder muscle. We don’t get to see them enjoy the spa, but we DO get to see Nomes massaging tiger balm into Brennan’s glistening naked torso before she suggests he might be more comfortable lying down. As Brennan tries to navigate his way through THAT request, Naomi delivers the sauciest line of the week: ‘are you waiting for an invitation to enter a lady’s bedroom?’ And then her mum walks in. DAMMIT, SHEILA.


  1. Naomi going the grope at Dining in the Dark…

Yes, these moments are all Naomi and Brennan – no shame. While Sheila hosts the street’s unsexiest social event, Dating in the Dark, Naomi seizes the opportunity to reach for her cutlery… under the table in Brennan’s lap. The event is a flop but something else isn’t. Brennan’s motor is running and he leans in to kiss Naomi when they’re left alone. And it looks like it’s all on – but Naomi claims she’s late for work and pulls away. And it looks like it’s back on when she changes her mind and decides to surrender to desire – but then Brennan leaves her hanging! Look, they can drag this out all year, it’s hot as hell.


And… the top 3 moments that weren’t meant to be sexy but that some might find sexy anyway – no judgement.


  1. Paul’s afternoon delight

This week we learned that the couple making out in the old photo Josh and Amber unearthed is Paul Robinson and Sue Parker (the mayor – and former mayor). Turns out they engaged in a daytime tryst back in the 90s while Sue was married. Classic Paul.


  1. Chris making a donation in Paul’s penthouse

There’s absolutely NOTHING dirty about Chris, as Lucy’s sperm donor, providing a sample of his… essence… up in Paul’s penthouse suite. And yet…


  1. Paige staging a topless protest


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