Neighbuzz presents… THE DRABBENING!

He’s been on our trams and billboards for months now so Vaya and Kate (and a camera-shy Jelly) decided to head to the Regent Theatre in Melbourne to check out Neighbours alum Kip Gamblin in The Bodyguard musical and it was a HELLUVA GOOD TIME. We vlogged it, obviously. Watch this space for that.

Kip made an excellent The Bodyguard and Emily Williams as Rachel took our breath away. We have given this bloke quite the hard time for many of his fictional life choices, but he’s come good. That karaoke scene where Frank joke-sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ was a show highlight, and Frank carrying Rachel off the stage was sexy in ways nobody was prepared for. And nobody grabbed anybody’s hand during the suspenseful parts. And nobody squealed at the opening gun shot. And we sure as heck didn’t ‘woo hoo’ when anybody was shirtless. So shut up about it. Five stars.