Neighbours has killed off Matt Turner, local cop and (until recently) a stand up guy. Let’s re-live some of the most exciting things Matt did while he was still alive – they all happened in the last few weeks.


He lost the family fortune.

Okay, technically, his son lost the family fortune to an online catfisher named ‘Svetlana’, but if Matt hadn’t decided to buy the family home off his kids to feel like a bigger man, he wouldn’t have put $800 000 into the bank accounts of vulnerable teenagers for fake Russian ladies to steal.


He became a crooked cop.

After buying the house back from the kids and realising he couldn’t afford the mortgage because there weren’t any extra shifts at the police station, Matt picked up some work as a security guard for a dress factory. (He didn’t question why a dress factory would even need security…) It soon became clear that the factory was just a front for local bad guy Dennis Dimato to strip stolen cars for parts. When Dimato realized he had a cop working for him, he offered Matt $10 000 to keep his trap shut about the chop shop. AND MATT TOOK THE BRIBE. And that’s how he became Senior Constable Shifty.


He stopped shaving

As Matt headed on this rapid downward spiral, he also managed to achieve some pretty impressive three-day growth action. Twitter has been getting quite hot and bothered lately about Matt’s unshaven face. Team that up with his increase in sweaty workouts around Erinsborough to unleash his emotions, and the man has completely re-invented himself. Turns out the clean-cut straight-laced cop look wasn’t doing it for us – we wanted the rough diamond with the loose morals!


His had an affair with Shazza

We first met Sharon Canning at her son Kyle’s funeral, where she put the moves on to Matt and he very nearly wound up in her hotel room but disappointed us all by taking the less interesting path and staying faithful to Lauren. Fast forward to 2015, Matt is down on his luck and Lauren is seeking comfort, as always, in ex-lover Brad… and Sharon Canning is conveniently back in town and up for a good time, not a long time. So Matt knocked back a few wines with Shaz and the next thing you know they’re making out like it’s an Olympic sport in the hallway at Lassiters, and the next thing you know after THAT, Shazza’s taking a shower and Matt’s putting his shirt back on. I think we can all join those dots. It was Matt’s lowest low but boy it was fun telly!


He saved his wife’s ex-lover and got himself killed

While Brad was yelling at Matt for having an affair, Matt pushed Brad out of the way of an oncoming car. (He really is a good guy under that three-day-growth). So, as Matt hit rock bottom, the car hit him instead. We lost Senior Constable Shifty to the little police station in the sky. Rest in peace, Matt Turner. You’d finally started to grow on us.

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